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October 10, 2007


Thomas Clifford

Hi Sonia,

Spot on. My entree into the 2.0 world happened through Squidoo when Seth announced it in beta form.

Squidoo helped define and refine my story as a filmmaker...I evenutally found my "voice" and launched my blog.

But here's the best part of all: your ability to be found.

Squidoo consistently delivers top rankings through Google provided you build a high quality, content-driven lens.

For me, my lens on corporate videos often appears at #3 to #5 searching on Google. Lenses often have a great ranking on Google, so it can potentially drive more traffic to your sites and act as a "pointer."

Thanks for promoting the value of Squidoo!

Sonia Simone

I found them because Seth Godin has implanted a chip in my brain that makes me do everything he tells me to. Fortunately, he gives good advice so it all works out.

I've found the same with Squidoo and Google--assuming it's not a highly competitive keyword, lenses do extremely well on Google (and Yahoo, as it happens), and also provide a lot of SERP goodness in backlinks.

Naomi Dunford

Hi Sonia,

Thanks for this link. I can't knit my way out of a paper bag, but my mother-in-law loves to knit. There's only so many sweaters you can make before you want to poke your own eye out, so I'm sure she'll love it.


That really is a nifty project, isn't it? I hadn't heard of that before. I think I might have to mention that over on my knitting blog!

Timothy Coote

It's a cool idea. It made me start to cry a little when I was reading. Damn it, now I have to start knitting.

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