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December 31, 2007


David Zinger

I appreciate your 10 remarkable resolutions. They are an eclectic range and I think the last one has me pressing on!


Timothy Coote

Good post Sonia. These pretty much sum up what my groggy post New Year's Eve head has been trying to get itself around to thinking about. As you can see from that last sentence I have a little way to go in the "think clearly" department but that's what resolutions are for, right?.

Craig Daniels


The flow in your post has a really nice feel to it,kind of like your talking to me as I read.
I liked all 10 but 4 is my favorite.. Thanks

Sonia Simone

Thanks all! I had a good time writing those, they helped me clarify some things that had been a little fuzzy for me.

And don't forget to press on. :)

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