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December 09, 2007



this is great advice. i came over from naomi's blog (she and i are about the same level of drunk most times, so i trust her). i wish that cell phone companies would think like this.

Sonia Simone

I could never aspire to be as drunk as Naomi. The girl writes a fine foul-mouthed rant, I gotta say.

Nice to have you here!


Hi Sonia ~

Saw a comment you left on Skellie's site and thought I would drop by for a read.

Very nice relationship marketing advice you offer up in your latest post!!


Sonia Simone

Hi Mark, great of you to drop by! Thanks for the kind words.

Andy Pels

Damn you.
I intended to shorten my google reader list, and was figuring I would drop you since you have less seniority on my list. Then I read this great post and you screwed up my plans. Maybe I'll have to drop Seth...
... what am I saying?!
See what you've done?!

Great post.

Sonia Simone

Phew, glad for a reprieve! I'll do everything I can to stay on your short list. :)

(I believe Naomi discovered that it is actually against the law to quit reading Seth.)

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