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December 17, 2007


David Linke

I vote....Knol. I like the layout, very clean, easy to read and seems more compact.

The ease of page (lens) creation will play a huge amount in the outcome.


I have a feeling that knol will end up appealing to the 'sterile' community as it were. It will be a great place to publish research papers, or industy white papers. However, for entertainment value and fun of use, Squidoo is pretty tough to beat. I think I'll probably stick with Squidoo :) Adsense has never really made me much anyway...

-The Captain

Sonia Simone

Interesting, David. Since Google doesn't have a capital issue, they can afford not to optimize for ad revenue--which will definitely give a cleaner look. I hadn't thought of that--ok, point to Knol. :)

Loyalis, I think that's probably right. The more sedate look will work better for certain kinds of uses.

My personal biases notwithstanding, I'll try Knol out if/when it gets launched.


I have no objectivity either. I've been scratching my head over this Knol/LOL thing since hearing about it. I must admit I feel a few nerves. But I have faith in The Godin. (And fingers in other pies, just in case.)

I agree that the fewer-ads-style has a certain advantage, but it is unlikely to capture the fun of Squidoo. But, yes, for research papers and serious articles it might work really well.

Kimberly at Squidoo

LMAO! Mutant luuuuuuuuv child...that's hilarious.

And the cat photo is priceless.

@Stephen | Productivity in Context

When I first read about what Knol was supposed to do, I thought, "Wow, that's funny, it sounds just like a lens on Squidoo. Did someone at Google just read Seth's book?" I was going to post on it today, but of course you beat me to it. And the last 3 sentences of Seth's post are priceless.
Imitation, after all, is the most sincere form of flattery. Heh.

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