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August 20, 2007



Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my blog.

I think Ed is a great guy, and this bump was probably just a lack of complete communication to the 30Dayers. There's one of Ed's videos where he encourages people to ask their team mates to bookmark their pages.

So, maybe it fell apart on team size, in addition to content quality.

What's still coming up, probably this week, is the introduction of Nicolas Messe's Search Engine Trust (SET) (or a watered down version of it).

How SET works is you get access to a huge blog network, with the rights to create your own blog posts on those blogs. So, you write a post on a blog and include in it a link back to either your Web 2.0 page or your money page. Ed Dale refers to it as the "special sauce."

That's yet another form of self-promotion.

I joined SET out of curiosity a while back, and canceled my membership after a few days, once I'd seen how it worked. Not my cup of tea.


Sonia Simone

Thanks, D.

It sounds like team size was a significant factor. As Ed D. mentioned in the "video" (it's actually audio w/a few slides), 100 people bookmarking a brand-new Tumblr log isn't natural and stands out as manipulation and spam. That would be true even if the content on some of them was pretty good.

As to the SET thing, I personally prefer to just post quality stuff and promote it the old-fashioned way. It's easy to let excitement get the better of you, but if you do something that *might* be seen as manipulative and spammy, you're setting yourself up for the same situation the Tumblr folks saw.

I don't think a lot of new-to-Web 2.0 folks understand how *hated* spam is in those communities, and how suspect any commercial message is. I've seen folks jumped on for quite innocuous sig files in forums, because they were perceived as just being in it for the links.

You have to earn trust, and it doesn't happen overnight.

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