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September 10, 2007



Most of the tips were straight-forward and well written, but thanks for the brushi up. Even though I knew most like writing short paragraphs for the web, reading it again as well as the other examples and suggestions was an excellent idea.

Thanks Simone!


I often tell people in seminars – “My mom taught me, there are three kinds of sentence. While working as a content writer, I discovered another type – perhaps the best of the lot – the Simplest Sentence.” Some of them laugh and some keep silent.

It was nice reading the post and specifically “Sentences can only do one thing at a time”.


to keep it short .. a handy post


Wow, I'm no professional writer (casual blogger perhaps) but this was a very helpful post. Where was this in high school? Heck, where was this in college? This list should be nailed to the top of the WordPress admin panel. Thanks for the post!


I agree with most of this, but as a UK English language professional I would say that we are less bothered about the passive voice than you are in the States. Perhaps it's because we are closer to the French?!

Sonia Simone

Interesting grammargirl--maybe it's that pernicious EU influence!


Thanks for this great post! I found it informative.


Thanks for this, great post, especially on ways to shorten phrases. However, I use 'alright' sometimes, and I don't think it's TOO badly wrong.


This really helped alot and it made me feel alright with making my writing better! Seriously, those last two word hints, "a lot" and "all right" were the icing on a very informative grammar cake. Thanks!

Tim Patterson

Absolutely fantastic advice, right up their with Vonnegut's "pity the reader" set of tips.

Sonia Simone

Paul, if I can help one person write "a lot" and "all right," my work is done. :)

Thanks Tim, high praise indeed!

Gary Fletcher


Thankyou for these easy to use tips. I've read many "how to edit" guides but none as clear and practical as this. I'm sticking it on the wall next to my monitor for reference during my future editing sessions.



Some handy tips there. Thanks. I will go back to my blogs and edit like crazy.


Thanks for the brush-up Sonia! I've worked as an editor myself, but it's always nice to see such basic principles outlined clearly.
It can be so hard to apply these to one's own work!

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