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October 18, 2007



This is so great, and in funny ways it's so hard. We all know that **we** hate to be sold to, but we get so attached to our own products, it's hard to imagine that every person we meet might not want to hear about why we think they are so great.

I'm still totally anti-spam, but since I started dipping my toes into marketing, I understand the visceral impulse that leads one down the spammy path.

Senia.com Positive Psychology Coaching

Hilarious post. Totally agree. The only people who want to hear your elevator pitch are the people who ask for an elevator pitch!

Thank you. BTW, I had recently bought and started reading the Book Yourself Solid book, and I hadn't remembered on whose recommendation I had bought it, but it was on your earlier recommendation in an earlier post. Thanks. :)



Great article and hilarious too. Very informative and to the point - I especially liked your plug-in format for the pitch. It's challenging putting in all of the features of a new product in a short speech, and that's why this format is most likely used and overdone to death.


Great post! Your quote below should be put up in larger-than-life letters:

"...god knows we still love to buy. But we don’t want to be sold."

I'm in the marketing-to-women business and I keep telling my clients: it's not about (insert your brand here) being the centre of attention any more.It's about REALLY caring, about listening, sharing, enabling and empowering your customers.

Women still love to buy, but indeed, we don't want to be sold!

Sonia Simone

Sabine, you might check out the post 115-Page Tutorial on Marketing to Women I think it would make you smile. (It's up to 143 pages now.)

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