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October 05, 2007


Naomi Dunford

Hi Sonia - awesome post, as usual. I have to admit, and I know it's marketing heresy, that I didn't really get what Seth was talking about in his post. I mean, I'll read the book because I think it's against the law not to, but this helped clear things up. Thanks again!


Thanks Naomi, always nice to see you here!

I was having a hard time getting past the abstraction myself until I started writing about it, to tell you the truth.

seth godin

Boy, you totally nailed it.

And Naomi, if you don't read the book, all you get is probation, so don't worry about it.

Dustin Brewer

That was an awesome post, and very insightful.

Naomi Dunford

Sonia, you never said Seth was going to be stopping by. I would have worn something nicer.

I don't know though, "Seth Godin had me arrested" would look awefully cool on a t-shirt.

Kevin Hillstrom

I subscribed to your blog, good job!

Sonia Simone

Heh, Naomi!

Welcome Kevin!

Andy Pels

I immediately fell for your writing after jumping over here from Seth's blog (even BEFORE I noticed your picture - yowza!). You are now on my short RSS short list. I know - an incredible honor...

Simon Chen

Sonia, the post was such a refreshing read and great insight. You'd do well in front of an Aussie audience! I had the pleasure of being at Seth's gig last month in New York. Keep up the good work...



this is my wife you ae talking about, calm down, dude.

Sonia Simone

ah ha ha ha ha

Andy Pels

Hey Todd,

I just calls em likes I sees em. ;)

Still, henceforth I promise to be dignified.

@Stephen | HD BizBlog

Excellent post, and a link from Seth never hurts. I have been off line for a while and I see that I have a lot of catching up to do.
BTW, has anyone put up a "Seth Godin had me arrested" T-shirt on cafe-press yet?

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