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October 22, 2007


Naomi Dunford

I'm emailing [email protected] right now just to tell them you think they look like a 47-year-old pipe fitter.

Thanks for the incredible title of this post, and for the link to what will soon become my manifesto and sole purpose in life. Eventually the whole world will read it and everyone will have their phone number on their website and we will achieve world peace.

Oh, and while I'm totally dominating your comments, you want to hear a funny story? In the post you linked to, I linked to a case study I did on The Nametag Guy. You know, the one who is trying to make the world a more approachable place? The one with his cell phone number on his site?

Yeah, he totally never called me back. The irony, it is KILLING me! :)


Ah ha ha ha ha! Of course you guaranteed it by blogging about it.

I have to confess, I read the phone number thing with an obvious wince. I'll add it, I will, I will.

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