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November 08, 2007



Ah, Sonia, this speaks to me! I have no problem revealing all on my blog (which is widely read), but with my actual business site, I've hung back in the shadows. Time to start that chatty email newsletter and be a 'human identity' for my business. Thanks for the nudge.

Sonia Simone

Neat, Stacey! Come back and let us know how it works for you!

Andrea Jülichs

Hi Sonia,

a big thank you for all that great inspiring staff I already got from you! It helps building up our online marketing business and opens my eyes for many chances and problems regarding our customers.

Regards from Germany

Jeff Paul Scam

Nice post! Internet marketing is indeed gained popularity and has earned its spot of being a money making IT field.

Troy White

Great content you have Sonia. I just learned about you through the Dan Kennedy announcement that you will be speaking there. Wondering if you could share the name of the travel company you write (wrote?) for? If that is possible, could you email me?

Sonia von Walter

Sonia,thank you for very insightful and encouraging information

Cheap New Era Hats

thanks nice post,and thanks sharing!!!!

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