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January 17, 2008


David Linke

If you're the first in the herd to wear a purple coat, do you loose the tag "Remarkable"?

Sonia Simone

I think you get to keep it until someone else figures out how to do it. :)

My name is Rebecca

Here is a link to a very funny Dutch site:


I can't decide if this is a gimmick or will go somewhere. You don't have to speak Dutch to figure out this is just visual at this point, but what if it was interactive? Hm.

p.s. The audio actually enhances the experience - something else intriguing about this site.

Sonia Simone

I like this a lot! I think it's remarkable--until/unless it gets copied to death.

You raise a good point, though--what does it do? It doesn't seem to segue into an invitation to the product. Or maybe it does and I don't get it because I don't read Dutch.

David @ PostcardPerfect.com/blog

Nice post.

I read that post from Seth a few days ago (and we really impressed with that doctor). He didn't seem that impressed with any gimmick that doesn't add value to the consumer - but I'm with you. I still think there are good publicity stunts and gimmicks that do nothing more than get attention.

Sonia Simone

Thanks David, and thanks for coming by!

I think Seth wants to save the world, which I love. I want to save the world too, but I still have to get in there and make a living.

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