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January 17, 2008



And did you see his insistence on taking Omarosa and Jenny into the boardroom? An attempt at upsetting Trump's own marketing plan, that wily Gene! I share your glee, but will miss his surprisingly astute moments. Great post!

Sonia Simone

I know, despite my personal distaste, he did earn my grudging respect for some very smart moments. One hears that his jerk thing is a big act, but that doesn't make it any more pleasant to witness.

My take on the boardroom thing was that he knew he would be fired, and he certainly picked up on DT's signals about who to bring back with him, so he preferred to "fire himself" by leaving DT no choice. That he wanted to exert control over the outcome, in other words. I suppose it's also possible that he just didn't think Nely should be fired.

This is why I don't usually watch TV, I get way too into things. (I was also UNSEEMLY in my glee at guessing correctly who would win. I really can be very annoying.)

John Jordan

Sonia: Spot on!

Too many times, I think marketers lose sight of customer and focus on themselves. Maybe it's the reason for press releases with 43-word leads. It seems the ones who do have this focus are mostly the hungry and the agile. A big company that comes to mind that's gotten into the head of their customer is Burger King.

Though I haven't seen the show, I totally believe when you say Gene treated the target like "slackjawed rubes." He does that with his band - there's no Ace or Peter anymore, but that's beside the point.

Yeah, the guy's a pig in public, though I do appreciate, to a certain degree, his melding of Halloween, July 4 and power chords. I was thoroughly disappointed in the Fresh Air interview - he had a cool story to tell but decided to be, well... himself. His A&E show is worth watching - just to see his kids kick his ass.

Sonia Simone

I have to admit, I am pretty curious about the A&E show.


Very good post Simone. I join you in your celebration of Gene's demise. I was way too happy about it.

Without saying too much, I will say, Gene wanted to be fired. He was weary of the game in my estimation and he didn't want any of the ladies to go down in the midst of his arrogance. Simply, Empresario lost because of his shinnanigans and he knew it. So, the benevolent dictator died on his sword to save the damsels in distress!!

Interview Guru


Sonia: So, I hear Gene Simmons was fired.

Sonia Simone

Gypsy, :D

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Indeed remarkable. He has gone a long way.


I know there is nothing more tedious than listening to someone talking about some asinine TV program you don't watch.

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