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February 21, 2008



I think I'd like your blog. But it is really hard to read with the font so tiny. I like writing, publishing in a blog and I agree that there should be ways for the seo types to do it without destroying everything in their path. My eyes are too tired to read much of your posts though.

Andy Pels

First, Laura, unless you're just kidding around about the font - subscribe to the blog with a reader like Google reader. Then it will be in a more standardized text. If you were kidding and making a point about design, I'm sorry I'm not cool enough to catch it.

As far as the point of the post - I am reading Blue Ocean Strategy right now and just that fact that the footnote numbers are so large is really distracting me. I don't think I could handle reading the Peters book you describe. I actually got that book on audible.com so I got to hear ol' Tom read it to me (an adventure in its own). And the bigger point resonates so well, though. Don't do it just to be different. Don't do it just because you can. Be different, but stay effective. I am the first to admit that I am not good at creating pleasing, innovative design, but I, like most, know it when I see it, and know when I see the opposite.

Sonia Simone

Laura, I do think you make a good point. (Andy has a great suggestion if you weren't kidding.) But the font is pretty small. Let me look at Typepad and see if they have a setting for that.

Timothy Coote

As much as I love the people at Tom Peters' blog and have the utmost respect for Tom Peters himself, the overdose of everything being stupendously important is tiring.

I have used some of Tom's Powerpoint slides and quotes in presentations before and find myself turning the volume down from the fire engine red texts on Batman purple backgrounds and taking off about five exclamation points at the end of every phrase to something which ends up still getting the point across but isn't screaming at my public. I think times have changed from the super-motivator eighties and nineties to something more conversational (I know the word is being kicked around a lot).

FWIW, I think your posts should be in an even smaller type face and to hell with conventionalism. If people go blind at least you will have been the last thing they read ;)

Sonia Simone

Ah ha ha, nice Tim.


I agree. All the noise of funky and colorful fonts interspersed with CAPITAL LETTERS!!! and all those exclamation points is so distracting that I pay more attention to the way it looks than what's being said. If you have something important to say then say it and let your message speak for itself.

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