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February 16, 2008


David Zinger

As someone who is color blind I appreciate your post. It is a very good question to ask: What is your thing? Thanks. With a slightly Canadian mindfulness spirit, I will sit with that question today.

Naomi Dunford

Hey lady,

I'll be on that list any day. You wouldn't mind picking my paint colors, would you? It seems I am capable of: beige, white. I use one, get sick of it, then paint it the other, repeat.

And ahhh, the multiplication factor. The great dilemma of my life. Someday - when my clients don't hate me anymore - I will discuss this on the blog as a horrible warning.

Cool post. My life was not changed by the colors either, but it was changed by knowing that SG does not, in fact, know everything. Kind of makes what he does know even cooler, though, doesn't it?

Sonia Simone

So nice to see you, David!

That's how I felt about it, too, Naomi. I have a bad tendency to forget that people I admire are human beings, so this was useful for me that way.

I will gladly pick your paint colors! Picking paint colors is one of my very favorite ways to kill a few hours. If I can do it while drinking hot chocolate (w/whipped cream), my life becomes complete.

Ellen Weber

Sonia, what fun to hold colors up to the rainbow for another look at how they impact. Thanks!

As to your compelling question - I think one trait I do that others may enjoy doing less -- is to find ways to help folks leap forward from where they stand. I really enjoy seeing other' talents take off -- a bit like this cool site takes off!

Thanks for making it happen - Sonia.

Sheree Motiska

As long as I've been in business online I've been told I can do it bigger, faster, get rich-rich-rich. It usually involves pretending to be something you're not or just being a downright dirty creepazoid.

I have been telling myself for 3 years now, "it's fine, you're cool, Sheree. It's steady growing, I don't have to tend bar now, so why get greedy? Slow and steady wins the race."

It's amazing what happens when you can be a business person and remain true to your values. No amount of hype will ever change that.

I'm just getting ready to go to sleep after an especially productive day and I will sleep like a baby tonight since the last thing I did before I logged off was visit a representation of the fact that there is still something good happening out here in the web.

Thank You,


Layne (aka Reward Rebel)

I've phaffed around with one or two articles on Squidoo, but haven't had the time to really develop it... but now I've got you! By following your example(s) I'm going to include a Squidoo element in all future projects.

Also, I enjoyed reading about Pema Chodron, and am Googling her now;-D


My thing is getting to the core.

The core issue for an individual or the core idea for a way of thinking or doing. I'm also interested in how it can be used to make worthwhile improvements to people's lives.

This isn't exactly an existing category.

Fortunately I find writing easy to do - though I hope to get lots better at it.

So blogging for me was a huge (and perhaps life-changing, we'll see) discovery. The short and value packed nature of posts suits my thing and my writing style.

I hope to do an on-line course for people to be called something like Living Authentically, launching in a few months. This is pretty much in line with my thing. Whether it matches up with what others are interested in I'll find out.

David @ PostcardPerfect

Glad to read that I wasn't the only one not blown away by his color pallet link. Here I thought I was just missing something...

FYI - I just came back to finish reading the post. I started yesterday but clicked to check out Naomi's site. There's a lot of good stuff - I almost forgot to come back.

Jason Kong

Sonia: I really liked this post. But I always seem to find something useful and thought-provoking from your blog. I'm curious: what do you see as your thing?

Sonia Simone

You guys are all awesome, thanks. It is so great to see you all here. xoxoxoxo

@Jason, good question. Part of my thing is helping teams to gel, part of it is communicating in writing, and part of it is translating concepts from one group to another. So right now I'm doing some interesting stuff translating marketing concepts for people who hate marketing. (Which I think a lot of this blog is about.)

@Evan, that is really exciting. Are you excited about it?

@Sheree, that just rocks. Thank you.

Gary Fletcher

I'm a bit late to the party but wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the post. Interestingly the quotation uses the words "seem" and "relatively" (easy). So your "thing" may be neither easily acquired, nor easy to do. Sigh, I guess that rules out sprawling on the sofa as my "thing"...

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