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March 14, 2008



"I recommend that you use a _blank tag to open those links in a new window."

Every good web design guide and web usability guide will recommend not using the _blank tag because it takes control away from the user.

If they want a new tab, they can middle click.

Sonia Simone

I know that's the general recommendation, but I don't necessarily agree with it, depending on your audience. You would be amazed at how many people have no idea how to middle or right click to open a new window.

If you know you have a technologically sophisticated readership, I would agree, but for a general audience I don't personally think it's good advice.


I'm with engtech. I think it's more confusing to a non-tech person when they look for the back button and it's grayed out. About the only thing I will open in a new window is a pdf file, and visitors will be warned there will be a new window.

I do think your recommendation of deep linking to related posts in your blog is the best advice on how to keep visitors on your site. Or at the very least use a related posts plugin, for those on WordPress.

Great article with great advice.


I love this. How simple, yet so elegant: "answer the damn question!" in effect... I used to do just that very thing -- check (103bees and/or G Analytics) for incoming search terms, and write a simple post in direct response. It worked a charm. Can't think why I stopped doing it -- so thanks very much for the nudge!

Sonia Simone

That's a good point, Sue, I will give it some thought. I'm not sure you have convinced me, but you have given me a good angle on the question. :)

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