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March 12, 2008



Great post.

I love your approach. Don at Making Sales Making Money has a post along the same lines today.

I really think it is in our long-term interest to be credible, reliable and trustworthy. Otherwise we become known as the 21st century's used car salesmen.

Edward de Bono and John Lyons have written a book called Marketing Without Money that emphasises letting others do the marketing - they'll talk about you if you provide outstanding value (which has much more credibility than self-praise).

Thanks for a great post.

Sonia Simone

Good to see you here, Evan!

It's always interesting how often posts crop up within a few hours of each other on the same lines. We're all tuning in to the great cosmic radio, I guess.

I like the sound of that book, I will check it out.



I am "Digging" "Delivering value in a way that feels personal and respectful."

Very well said,
John Bougearel

Sonia Simone

Thank you kindly, John! I am glad you came by and hope we see you again.


I am currently reading the book "Creating Customer Evangelists" by Jackie Huba and Ben McDonald. It's a great read for any business owner, big or small. It provides great tips about how businesses can use customers to promote their business.

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