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April 21, 2008




This is the best list post I have ever read. I have read one million and four list posts. :)

Printing, enshrining, and keeping forever.




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deserves to be digged.


Maria Palma

I agree with Kelly, this is definitely a keeper and I'll definitely be sharing it with my readers. Thanks for the inspiration ;)

James Hipkin

Absolutely fantastic! The most succinct and thorough overview of relationship marketing I have ever read. And I've read a lot, Relationship Marketing is a passion for me.

Sonia Simone

Thanks, all! I put a lot into this one so it is lovely to see comments.

James, you're making me blush, which I love. Thank you!

Tim Patterson

Excellent post, you had me smirking and nodding along. Thanks! I'm adding you to my RSS.

(found you through copyblogger, btw)

Timothy Coote

Yeah, this really is top shelf stuff Sonia. Number 26 is a killer and worth a post alone.

I'm certainly going to steal about half of these ideas to make my clients think I'm more intelligent than I really am;).

Keep the posts coming.

Good Advice

That's really good advice Sonia, thanks for that.

Thank You

Naomi Niles

I love this, so so true on them all. Thanks for sharing it!

Patsi Krakoff, The Blog Squad

Thanks for this, I had to Digg it! Because of this, I changed the way I responded to a request for customer service. I realize my email was going to add to this person's feeling of being technically challenged and foolish... my, my, how easy it is to commit these faux pas!


This is a great post, thank you. I'm going to link it from my customer-focused blog.

Sonia Simone

Thanks all! So great to have you all here.

Molly Gordon

Fabulous! The customer may or may not be "right," but the customer is always the customer - and a human being. Seeing our work through their eyes is kinder to them and to ourselves.

Thank you!

Anthony Juliano

Great list. I'll add one more: If it's important to me, you better at least pretend it's important to you. I'd prefer that you think it's important, too, but even pretending to care is better than not caring.

Karen Swim

Printing, and laminating. This is an excellent list. Thanks for gathering all this knowledge in one list.



More like:

50 Things Your women Wish You Knew

Carrie Watkins

I'm only at #35, but I already want to print this out and post it on every bulletin board in my office. These are things we all need reminded of on a continual basis. Thanks!

Kathleen Gage

Outstanding post. It's so essential to know what our customers want. You have some great ideas and information here.

Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer

Adam Kayce

Ditto, ditto, ditto. I almost never read list posts, and hardly ever make it through the first 10 items, but I read all 50 of these.

Definitely worth a Stumble, a fav, and a save.

Janice Gentles-Jones

Wow! I don't think you missed a thing. Thanks for such a great posts. It was very insightful!


What a wonderful post. I'm going to make it required reading for my staff - AND for me over and over again. Thank you!

Lisa Hughes

This was a great post! I was originally searching for info about reading guests in the restaurant industry. I will be using this as a focal point in our training meeting! Thank You! Contact me if you are ever in NC.


En verdad es el mejor post que he leido. De mucha ayuda para entender lo que la persona al otro lado del telefono necesita.

Yep, you have "at least" one happy Mexican reader. Thank you for this GREAT post. I will print and keep this awesome list next to my phone and read it every morning.

Lynn Shepherd

Communication is the essential ingredient in building relationships, personally and professionally. My favs are 8, 11, 14 and 20.

I would add:

Eye contact: let me know you are listening to me by looking me in the eyes.

Integrity: Fulfill your promises. Underpromise and overdeliver. Then I will trust you.

Intimidation: Don't try to talk over my head to impress me. Making me feel stupid is not a way to gain my trust or my business. (Relates to your #39!)

Thanks again for sharing!


As a sales person and amateur blogger I found this to be one of the best sales lists I have ever seen.

Consider this stumbled...


Excellent post, you had me smirking and nodding along. Thanks!
Communication is the essential ingredient in building relationships, personally and professionally

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Das war ein großer Beitrag! Ich war ursprünglich auf der Suche nach Infos zu lesen Gäste in der Gastronomie. Ich werde mit dieser als zentraler Punkt in unserer Ausbildung Treffen! Vielen Dank! Kontaktieren Sie mich, wenn Sie jemals in NC sind


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