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April 03, 2008



Thanks for the link to Chris Brogan. I've downloaded his free report. Like all these things it looks like it can be summarised very briefly. But in this case the summary is quite thought provoking. Great stuff, thanks.

Chris Brogan...

Thank you so much for the kind words. I like Gary's day. : )

Naomi Dunford - IttyBiz.com

Um... DUDE!?!? That is just about the nicest thing ever. Jesus, thank God I'm not pregnant. I'd be fat and weeping and my poor husband would be leaving the room and wondering what the fuck my problem was. (Can I say 'fuck' on your blog? We've never really discussed this. Now I've gone and said it twice, Love Actually style. Edit as appropriate.)


Aw, shucks. You are sweet as pie. I'm honored to count you among my Internet friends, and look forward to meeting you in person--SOBcon, right?

Caroline Middlebrook

Thanks Sonia, that is really nice of you :)

Daz Cox

ah proof of our solid networking skills, I came here via a tag for chris brogan and found that your site is good too!

Beryl Moody

You're a pretty good egg too! The Simone family is proud of you:-)

Sonia Simone

Group hug!

James Hipkin

To answer your specific question, one of my favorite blogs is The Ad Contrarian (adcontrarian.blogspot.com/) TAC is an always acerbic, often very funny look at the wild and wonderful worlds of marketing and advertising.

Sonia Simone

Very cool, James, I am checking him out now.

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