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April 15, 2008


Roberta Rosenberg

Even folksy "Andy Griffith" isn't aw-shucks folksy when the cameras aren't rolling. I understand he's one mean SOB on the set and off. :)

Sonia Simone

Now that's just sad, isn't it?

There's a household-name new age guru type who was once on a talk show at the same time an old friend of mine was (she writes mysteries and was on waaaaay after he was). She said he was unspeakable to all the staff & support people, just mean and vile. Quite a contrast to his high-minded "peace, love & harmony with the cosmos" persona.

Now, I guess if a celebrity is cranky with her manicurist the entire dialogue gets transcribed for Perez Hilton. Progress? In a way, I suppose. Different, anyway.

Roberta Rosenberg

When my brother was an aspiring NY actor in the '80s, he drove a limo to like, make some money. He drove some huge celebrities and I got some amazing stories. Today, he could have lived off of supplying TMZ with private info.

But I can tell you this. My bro would give the nicest guy award to Jamie Farr. For the worst celebrity passenger, email me off line :)


I truely belive that con and swindlers will make a killing..at first but in the end truth always catches up.
All the truly successfull people I know are kind and generous..sure there are some that have more $$$ but not more trust,love and respect which to me equals success and wealth
I so glad I found your blog..Thanks Jenn from Create a Thriving Business!

Mark Krusen

Once upon a time...I agree swindlers suck big time. I've been taken a few times. I'm sure we all have. It just makes you more careful in the future.



Pardon me for liking this post even better than the one over at Copyblogger?

This is why, when I write a post about improving interpersonal Experience for businesses, I am careful to repeat a couple of times, that this is advice for sincere people who do care, but may not be getting the word out to their customers properly. Of course, you could use a handwritten thank-you note as a scam, but if you take a bunch of "CRM" advice and put it all together as a strategy, one hopes that the quantity of effort required will weed out the idiots.

Sometimes even calling it a strategy worries me, because it sounds so calculating, and if the idiots find my blog, I'd really rather they keep moving.

All Marketers Are Liars is a life-altering book, but only if you get it. (Like a lot of Seth's stuff?) So many people didn't. Authenticity is everything in the "new economy." That only gets more true every day.

Congrats on the guest post!



Nadine Touzet

Thanks Sonia, you've just helped me save a few hundred bucks... Rescued me from temptation. And I'm not being funny, it's true.

I definitely like your blog very much. Thanks for being so sincere.


James Chartrand - Men with Pens

Oh good post. What's unfortunate is that I know a few people that fill these shoes nicely.

But the good thing is, the people I actually do deal with and work with are NOT these people. Yay!

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This looks like the story of red riding hood. Hmmmm....the picture did scare me a little.

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