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April 08, 2008



All very true.

I guess the problem for bloggers is that it takes time to build relationships.

How many good friends can you really have, or have the time to relate to?

Real relationships render advertising and all the hype irrelevant (I think its the future). I'm just not sure how to make it pay at the moment (to be rather crassly materialistic about it).

David Linke

Sonia... A huge huge thank you....The video of the motorcycle riding monkey has truly made my day, could loose the next 4 hours checking out some Youtube stuff now.

The rest of your post...That was great also.

James Hipkin

Relationship marketing is a particular passion of mine. You have reinforced something I tell clients all the time, "A Relationship Marketing Strategy is a means to an end. If it becomes the end it will die." You have to know what you are trying to achieve and see it through. Great post.

Sonia Simone

I agree, James. "Why are we doing this?" is a very useful question more of us should ask. :)

Karen Swim

I found you through Men With Pens. I loved what I read and have now subscribed. Glad I found you!

Sonia Simone

A pleasure to have you, Karen, welcome!


Great post! this is absolutely true!

Michael Brito

Great write up!

I would say that a social media engagement without using the principles of relationship marketing is similar to just another ad buy -- focusing on a one time transaction instead of building a relationship.


Just thought I'd say great post except for the broken link. del.icio.us not De.licio.us
I'll keep reading.


Sonia Simone

Thanks, cougarmark, I fixed. Glad to have you here!

Jordan Flipsyde

Step back and brighter!

Jordan AJF 8

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