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April 23, 2008


Timothy Coote

I understand what you do Sonia but I have no idea what thought process kicks into gear when you choose your photos. This is the real "Mystery Simone".

Sonia Simone

Ha, Tim! I don't either. Sometimes I just see an image and it wants to be with a particular post.

The Flickr ones are always more oblique than the istockphoto ones, and I've come to like them much more. For example, I looked at some therapist/patient interview sort of images on istockphoto, but they all seemed very boring in comparison.

Naomi Dunford

First off, please cease this whole "moral marketing" thing you have going on. The rest of us charlatans and scheisters do NOT need you running your mouth off about how marketing doesn't need to be sleazy. Of COURSE it needs to be sleazy. Duh. :-)

Second, re: photos -- I used to be in charge of selecting unique photos for First Wives World, a blog for about 15 divorced or divorcing women. 10 posts a day, no photo repeats allowed. We got our photos from iStock. Do you know how many of these women were in therapy? Do you know how many of them talked about their therapy several times a week? Insanity. Those pictures were HORRENDOUS. I wish I could've used the pic you've used here.

And it's not a meme. It's an interview. :)

Sonia Simone

Naomi, we can't all be experts at the "hookers and blow" school of marketing, leave me my poor little niche, willya?

istock is great for photos of animals & certain objects, and overall really weak for photos of people. I've become a major Flickr addict (thanks to Skelliewag who turned me on to the Creative Commons thing).

James Parr

I really meant to do this when Naomi posted it the other day, but I'm Mr Run-Around-Like-Crazy-but-Accomplish-Nothing at the moment (was he a real character in the Mr Men? I forget.)

This inspired me though, so here's my answers:


P.S. Sorry for linking to you twice in two days, I promise I'm not a stalker!

Sonia Simone

James, no one can ever say I don't appreciate links. If you link to me five times a day, I will always say thank you!

Mark Krusen

That picture you used for this post must have been taken as they were leaving my house after a dinner party I was hosting.:)

Thanks for the opportunity to comment on this and for stopping by to check out my blog.

I have this half baked Idea to maybe turn this blog into a book. Hey just maybe.



Oh, my, your photo got me hook line and sinker. What DO they do? Punk flower girls posing for new Manga comic? Love it!

I would stay tuned anyway, but on the Internet "no feel-good fluff" is such a rarity, I wish I could subscribe twice.

You can see my answers at Naomi Dunford's "I Never Called It a Meme," Meme: http://maximumcustomerexperience.typepad.com/mce/2008/04/naomi-dunfords.html

It sure was fun to write. The key to getting on her good side is apparently to coin a phrase in her honor, as I am now engaged to her. I'm last in a kinda long line. Hehehe.



Naomi Dunford

@ Sonia. True. I do have a creepy knack for "hookers and blow", don't I? Definite tagline potential.

@ Kelly. I NEVER CALLED IT A MEME. And the phrase has to start with Itty.

Sonia Simone

@Kelly, according to the comments on Flickr, it's "Japanese vision rock cosplay" in Yoyogi Park. I am nowhere remotely cool enough to know what that means.

I get on Naomi's good side by being as obnoxious as I can possibly manage. For some weird reason she finds it endearing. Unusual combinations of curse words are also very good.


Well, I might be the first to answer these questions that actually PRODUCES something, so it's a little different!


Sonia Simone

I love it! I am a major yarn 'ho. You've got awesome stuff, love the handspun. (My mom is a spinner, I have some very tasty skeins from her that I'm pondering the perfect project for.)

Naomi Dunford

Yarn ho.


Ich liebe es! Ich bin ein großer Garn "ho. Du hast awesome Zeug hat, die Liebe der handspun. (Meine Mutter ist ein Spinner, ich habe einige sehr schmackhafte Knäuel von ihr, dass ich überlegte das perfekte Projekt für.)

How to get miley cyrus hairstyles

I am not 100% sure Brian thought it was hilarious as I did. But he was a good sport. (He wasn't there last night, alas, but gave a kickass presentation today.)

Must type up at least a few notes, but I am strongly considering a bath first. We're supposed to be heading out again at 9.

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