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May 29, 2008


Janice Cartier

"The world has enough pissed-off people in it without you looking for ways to add to the rosters."

Amen. :)

Judy Dunn

What a timely post, Sonia. I don't even like political rants in free publications, let alone paid ones. But if you look at the issue objectively, you are right. Kennedy may lose a few subscribers but he will bond more closely with the ones who lean the same way he does, and will develop an even more loyal readership. At this point, at least for him, it's probably not a big deal to lose a few subscribers.

I am of the opinion that I'm not paying to read someone's political views, whether they line up with mine or not, when I am looking for, say, copywriting advice. And, yes, when it comes out of the blue with no warning (as Clayton Makepeace's did recently), it just leaves me puzzled.

Thanks for the thoughtful post.

 ernie smith

Sonia, Dan Kennedy aside, the ACLU is hated in this country by a huge number of people. Do you really want to call these people "heroic?" in your posts? If so you can unsubscribe me.

Sonia Simone

Ernie, if my feelings about that particular organization are something you can't live with, then definitely, you should unsubscribe. That wasn't the intent of the post (and you won't see right-bashing here, now or ever), but I wrote it realizing that could cause some folks to turn away.

Judy, I feel the same way, esp. about angry ranting. Rants don't convince anyone anyway. But if you're going to do it, do it strategically. Those weird out-of-the-blue lightning bolts are just unsettling for readers, and you don't get any real positive payoff from them.

lawrence berezin

Dear Sonia,

Great post! I believe political opinions should not be displayed by the author of a blog, unless it is a political blog. Why is the author's political leanings relevant, useful or valuable in a blog on marketing?

A decision to ignite a conversation about politics, religion or race is is a show stopper. If you wish to end a dinner party early, ask for opinions about the merits of affirmative action in America, or which candidate has the most unamerican pastor?

There are plenty of venues on or off line where I can share my political views. Why shout from a bully pulpit on an otherwise quality blog?

lawrence berezin

Do the Political Opinions of Bloggers Belong in their Blogs?remarcom.typepad.com — This is a timely, thought provoking post about bloggers using their blogs as a platform for their political beliefs. The post must have struck a nerve because one of the commenter's resigned from the Blog after reading the post. Another well written, call to action by Sonia Simone. Great stuff!

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Sonia Simone

Thanks Lawrence!

It's interesting--politics are such a hot button, and sharing your affiliations will bring some people very close and make others very angry.

Brad Szollose

Great post Sonia.

I welcome political rants in a blog or a newsletter...better to know if someone is crazy NOW, than 10 years into the marriage:-)

I have several requests from anyone who is ranting their political views - 1) help me understand why you find this important and 2) is this relevent? If you can't answer these questions properly, remove it from your content.

Keep up the great writing Sonia...I have become a fan.



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