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May 03, 2008



Sonia, cooool, thanks for giving us this big breezy window into the goings-on at SOBCon. My writing brain is overloaded just reading your post. I can't imagine actually being there. Well, okay, I can imagine it. Next year for sure. What's next?


Great! I feel a lot of esteem coming from you. I think this is what keeps us going on.

Chris Brown

What a great summary of Saturday! My head is still spinning with all the ideas. I added your blog to my feeds. Look forward to reading more.

Michael Martine | Remarkablogger

Sonia, a most excellent and concise recap of the presentations! It was such a pleasure to meet you, hang out, and talk about blogging and marketing. I suppose I can overlook that you're on TypePad! :D

Sonia Simone

Fabulous to see you here, Michael, even if you are a little snarky. :) (Everyone, if you don't know Michael Martine already, please click his link and check out his Remarkablogger site, which is excellent.)

I don't know that I learned a lot at SOBCon exactly--I got a lot of enthusiasm & energy to act on stuff I already know. For me, where I am today, that is more valuable. Killer stuff. I'm already working on pitching them a presentation for next year. :)

Gary Fletcher


Thankyou for posting these thought-bites. There's a lot to reflect on in those few sentences.

I feel glad I didn't actually go to SOBCon; I don't know what I missed, but that summary is already a lot to work on :-)



I was an amazing experience and thank you so much for being a special part of the experience for me.

It is about the community an translating your intent to connect with that community. SOBCon made that so clear, didn't it?


Sie hier zu sehen, Michael, auch wenn Sie ein wenig snarky sind. :) (Jeder, wenn du nicht weißt, Michael Martine oyunlar bereits, klicken Sie bitte seinen Link und lesen Sie seine Website Remarkablogger, was hervorragend ist).

Miley Cyrus


I am use it (tips on read), good post.

Also i am share this page, my social account.

I am following you, since today :)

Good luck man !

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