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May 11, 2008


Jason K.

My mom always said: "You're not going to be the same person 5 years from now. It's okay to change."

I take that to mean that you want to be true and consistent as a person (or a business), but there's no way to predict what the world will be like even a few years down the line. So when the time comes to change directions --whether personally or professionally-- embrace that change instead of fighting it.

Jean Gogolin

My Mom's advice was "Remember to say your prayers." Which at the time I dismissed out of hand, smartass that I was. Yesterday, like every year since 1994, I dearly wished she were still around to talk to.

Janice C Cartier

"Use your manners."

Works 99% of the time.

Beryl Moody

My personal favorite is "If you are bored, go clean your room" Glad I made a difference:-)

Love -- Mom



I say #4 all the time, too. Strangely, my Mom didn't say it, so it's not always inherited. :)

I'm with your Mom. If you're bored, go clean your room (and your grownup interpretation) is super advice.

Happy Mother's Day to you both.



Sonia Simone

Full disclosure compels me to admit that my office at home is an unmitigated mess. However, my bedroom is quite tidy. :)

@Janice, ah, that's a nice one. Excellent, thank you!


Being myself. Thats the one that gets me. I have struggled with who I am for years. Now as I get older I have to just accept the fact. That what you see is what you get. That will be ok for some. Not so much, for others.

Sonia Simone

Now that I have a kid myself, I realize that moms are very in touch with what completely miraculous beings these small people are (plus we have a little perspective on the dramas that seem so dire when we were young). So we're telling our kids, "you are a miracle! Don't be anyone else--who you are is amazing!" But from the kid POV, that's hard to see when your best friend won't talk to you because you like the "wrong" musical group, or wear the "wrong" shoes.

It would be so cool if we lived long enough to really take advantage of what we learn. :) (Or, in Shaw's great quote, youth is wasted on the young.)


Terrific stuff. My mom always said, "just tell him/her/them." If I was having a problem with someone, and bitching to her about it, she always retorted with that simple (yet terrifying) solution. When it comes to freelancing and careers, it makes just as much sense and scares just as much of the bejeesus out of me. But when I have a problem with a client, or I'm struggling with a project, the direct approach is always the best. Geez, Mom, you were right. Urgh.

James Hipkin

From my Dad, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will do."

I find myself using this frequently to remind clients and staff, especially the younger ones, that understanding the objective is important to achieving success.

Timothy Coote

I send my kids to clean their rooms a lot. The translation of this is -

"leave me alone for five minutes so I can at least pretend I am an adult with adult concerns and if I get the time I may even try to feel up your mother, and while your out of the room you might as well do something useful".

I hope they don't catch on.


My mom always said: "Pff! I can make that!" and taught me how to do things myself, from making earrings to reupholstering furniture.


A really good post, I enjoyed it made my day a little bit nicer. Thanks.

Sonia Simone

@Tim, the great thing about kids is that they are generally too self-focused to ever pick up on things like this. Hope it keeps working for you!

@Nicole, my mom too! Which is why I have a small collection of cool hooked rugs and a bunch of really unflattering sweaters. Sometimes it works, sometimes no.

@Leo, I love hearing that, thanks for taking the time to let me know.

Karen Putz / DeafMom

Love this post-- what a wise mom you have!

Mine always said, "People are either going to like you or they won't, so be yourself."


wow! such a brilliant post you got here. now that i am a mom too, i would always smile when my son says that i know everything! (mind you, he's only 12^-^)


ein so brillanter Beitrag du hier. Jetzt, wo ich eine Mutter bin auch oyun ich würde immer lächeln, wenn mein Sohn sagt, dass ich alles wissen! (wohlgemerkt, er ist nur 12 ^ - ^)

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"Love this post-- what a wise mom you have!

Mine always said, "People are either going to like you or they won't, so be yourself.""

i like it.

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