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June 02, 2008


James Hipkin

Conversation may be a spectator sport for most but even those who are watching are probably best customers / heavy users of the category or they wouldn't bother. Heavy users have the power to move your business. A small shift in loyalty can have a significant impact, either positive or negative. Just attempting a conversation, of demonstrating you are interested in their opinion and responsive to opinions when given, has a significant impact on behavior. So I believe that keeping conversation available in the tactical arsenal is important. It doesn't replace current tactics but, when it's feasible, include it in the mix.


Thanks Sonia.

An excellent analysis.

I've stumbled it - just in case you believe in socail media.

It sounds like Baby Bear will be the one for me. Looking forward to it.

Janice C Cartier

Ooh, Goldilocks here. Cannot wait for Papa and Baby Bears because we are looking for just right. What a great analogy.

It's the blend and the balance. Not one or the other , IMHO.

Sonia Simone

Evan, my guess is you won't like Papa Bear at all. :)

I think that's very smart, James. There's more room than people think to use these tools in a fairly traditional context.

Michael Martine | Remarkablogger

Love the bear thing. I took the red pill a long time ago, and the cluetrain continues to roll on, unstoppable.

I really like what you're saying about those who do not actively participate in the conversation. It's absolutely true. Most people will never comment on a blog. Compared to the general population, very few people engage in social media. It is still pretty much a thing for the tech elite. And there's nothing wrong with that, because if you're selling something, those people have money.

Heidi Strom Moon

Another company for which social/conversational marketing is a good fit is Zappo's. They have several blogs on their site and so many of their employees Twitter -- perhaps none more so than the CEO -- that they have an entire page for those users (http://twitter.zappos.com/).

But again, like Southwest, this was a company that already had a reputation for customer service and communication, so using new forms for that communication to customers is just an extension of corporate identity.

Looking forward to the Papa Bear model because that also has importance, particularly for companies' reputation management.


Aber noch einmal, wie Southwest, war dies ein Unternehmen, das bereits einen guten Ruf für Kundenservice oyunlar und Kommunikation, so mit neuen Formen für die Kommunikation mit Kunden ist nur eine Erweiterung der Corporate Identity.

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