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June 11, 2008



Wow. Baby bear is cool. I've so loved this whole "3 bears" thing.

Loraleigh Vance

So, one could say that you do a great imitation of Baby Bear, no?

Thanks once again for the fun and informative post.

Timothy Coote

Yeah, good job. This felt like a lot of effort and you pulled it all off with your usual aplomb.

Although I'd hate to think there is less of an audience for good writing but maybe I'm just becoming an old fart and should stick to trying to decode my kids text messages.


Gary Fletcher

Thanks for the nice idea on the autoresponder. Now that you've shown us the three bears I'm wondering who the Goldilocks of social media marketing is...?

Sonia Simone

@Timothy, I know, me too.

@Gary, damn, great question! Hm, I have no idea, but I'll see if something occurs to me. :) Or write it up on your own blog & let us know!

Janice C Cartier

Well, wouldn't Goldilocks be us, looking for the bear or combination of bears that is just right? This is brilliantly done Sonia. And they haven't knocked on your door with that genius award yet? Hard to believe.
Thanks again for wonderfully useful goodies.

Sonia Simone

@Janice, nope, no genius award yet, I've been waiting and waiting. The dirty bastidges.

I amused myself this morning thinking about Goldilocks possibilities--clueless PR people pitching us without any idea of what we do? (I've always focused on that rather rude aspect of Goldilocks, presumptious little creature that she was.)

Michael Martine | Remarkablogger

I guess we would have to be Goldilocks, who tries out different things only to find the mama bear and papa bear versions of things to be too extreme. She settles on baby bear's version as "just right."

A single strategy wouldn't be "just right" for anyone, but I bet most of us are engaged in baby bear social media marketing.


I am very behind on my RSS reader, can you tell?? I was wondering where the blog traffic was coming from. Thanks for the link!


Ich freue mich sehr auf meine hinter RSS-Reader, können Sie oyun oyna sagen? Ich frage mich, wo der Blog-Verkehr kam. Danke für den Link!

Scarlett Johansson

wow ... you're writing, is like a concert violinist playing on a street corner, and i feel the fuzzy feeling of being a little boy watching.

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