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June 20, 2008


James Hipkin

You are such a good writer, you amaze me every time I click in to see what you've said. Thank you for that.

A small build on your last point. White mail (unsolicited correspondence) is a great source for both real customer language and advance notice on issues that may be percolating under the surface. Please, please, please (do you like how I used point number one) make it easy for your customers to talk to you. Don't hide the 800# 12 clicks deep on your site and do provide easy-to-find email links on many pages not just the previously mention 12-click-deep Contact Us page. Some variations on this are listen to customer service calls, attend focus groups, do store checks, and go on sales calls.

Angela Parker

It's true, children are too much trouble to keep, except for their un"adult"erated appeal!

I love the way you combined the essence of parenting with marketing -- especially the "surprise and delight" point.

That one is supreme.


Nice points here.
Thanks for reminding me how cute the little people are - and how smart they are.


Sonia Simone

@James, I could just hug you. Thank you.

I could not agree more about making it easy for customers to talk to you. And online sellers are particularly HORRIBLE about it. Interaction is a great blessing--encourage it!



As a mother, I am a sucker for posts combining business and the wisdom of little ones. Little people are wise, spontaneous, and artful in their persuasive ways. Seems clear yours is learning well from Mama. A funny post with great points.

"Look through everything your customers send you for wording you can mirror back to them." I know it, but I don't apply it nearly often enough. You said it so brilliantly it's going to be top-of-the-mind for a long, long time. That's my aha! moment for today. Thanks.



Mr. Twenty Twenty

Hi Sonia,

Great article. Become as little children, eager to notice what's new, learn from those around you, and explore what's really going on.

Great post, looking forward to more!

Mr. Twenty Twenty
The ExHostage turned Professional Visionary


Sonia Simone

Kelly! I am mighty glad to be of service.

Welcome mr. Twenty Twenty!

bob hoffman

Talking with toddlers doesn't just help you talk with consumers. If you're in the marketing business, it also helps you talk with clients.

When my daughter was a toddler she put every question through what we called "Twelve Degrees of Why."

"Dad, why do flowers have different colors?"

"Um, to attract insects"

"Why do they want to attract insects?"

"Well, they don't really want to, it's just that those that do tend to have more success reproducing"


After the twelfth "why" you found out whether you really understood something or not.

It's just like talking to a client. In fact, clients are just toddlers with money.

Janice C Cartier

Absolutely Fabulous, darling. :)

Great analogy. Surprise and delight with gleefulness. Kind of challenges us to make everything old, new again.



"Clients are just toddlers with money."

Hahahaha. That's super.

Sonia Simone

@Bob, that is the most fantastic thing I have read all week. Thank you.

I'm actually most struck by the resemblance of senior executives to toddlers. The better known and higher up the food chain they are, the more often I find myself wanting to ask, "Do you just need to poop or what?"

Connie Brooks


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Hai Sonia,

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Susila Dewi

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