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June 01, 2008



I'm clearly not a fake geek, because the first thing that came to my mind was "I didn't realize people where trying to pretend to be Debian Developers".

Sonia Simone

Congratulations, that officially qualifies you as a Geek of Unusual Size (GOUS)!

Jason K.

That's an awesome line -- it's too good not to be shared.

Started off my day with a good laugh!


If being a Dork is a wonderful thing. There is hope for me yet. Thanks for pick me up.



It certainly would have changed the comments! It was a really great article, and that quip is excellent, no matter where you publish it.




Love that you posted the "director's cut" of your piece -- ha!


Liebe, die Sie auf dem Laufenden oyun oyna dem "Director's Cut" von deinem Stück

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It seems that being a dork is cool now because they make a lot of money and invent stuff.

Dandruff and itching

Lawrence, I did pick up Presentation Zen and I like it, but I didn't find it *useful*. To use the analogy of this post, Beyond Bullet Points is more of a recipe. I want to reread PZ, though, because I think he's making some important points and the book is genuinely beautiful. (And how many PowerPoint books can you say that about?)

I love it, Janice! That makes me very happy to read.

Loraleigh, I have a hard time with longer blog posts as well. Our attention is just so divided.

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Love that you posted the "director's cut" of your piece...awesome...:)

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If being a Dork is a wonderful thing. How to burn 3500 to 4000 calories of stored fat and LOSING UP 1 to 2 POUNDS A DAY..

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