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August 19, 2008



Great post. A reminder that if you stop you fall.

Have no fear, and never give up on a good idea, are two of my guiding principles.


Dave Navarro


I'll be saying that to myself all day. :-)


Keep punching, Sonia! I find every article you write entertaining, useful and a downright treat to read ... I for one would love to see you go big and bold and brash with it all.

Good luck!



What a great piece! I love the punch punch punch punch punch! That's a great mantra, I'm so stealing that :)

The scene about determination that I remember the best is when she's in the car, looking at her toe. Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle.

I like the punch mantra better :) I, unlike you, are into the kung fu stuff.

PS: I couldn't believe it, but your feed was not in my reader. That has been corrected now!

Janice C Cartier

Really. Great. Post.

I am with you all the way.

Punch, punch, punch.

Without the connection, it is empty action and you have way more heart than that.

Michael Martine

Sonia, I'm with ya. Been feeling this way myself, lately, and you've given that feeling a good metaphor. You've got great things ahead of you.

Jason K.

Sonia: do you ever look back on your writing over the years to remind yourself how far you've come? It's hard to imagine there was a time that your writing wasn't always this good!

Sonia Simone

Jason, I try very, very hard not to read my old writing, because every time I do, hara kiri starts to look like an appealing option. :)

chris zydel

Hi Sonia,

I just found you recently ( through Copyblogger) and have, in a very short time, become a raving fan! You are one of the most entertaining, imaginative,inspirational, lively, down-to-earth, real, informative and just darned helpful writers on marketing that I have ever come across.

You always make me smile (and often laugh out loud), a quality that goes on the very top of my list of what makes a great writer.

You certainly deserve to get lots of attention and tons more raving fans!

Best of luck with your new venture.

Sonia Simone

Chris, thanks for such lovely feedback!

Seamus Anthony

one of the coolest posts I have read all week. And I've read way too many.


Although I've been punching for years, this reminds me to keep on punching. Great post.

Air Jordans

Thank you for sharing it which make me more confidence on my stand.


Obwohl ich seit Jahren habe Stanzen worden, das erinnert mich an Stanzen halten. Große Post.

Room shampoo

Thanks for posting the numbers. I started mine a year ago this November (and *WOW* was my photography bad) without any real plans to make it a regular thing. I started (mostly) regular posting in March of this year, and just topped 600 feed subscribers.

I keep reading about the people who hit multiple thousands within a few months and wonder what I'm doing wrong. It's reassuring to see confirmation that those are the exceptions.

Happy birthday, and here's wishes for many more of the same.

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