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August 03, 2008



My Cynthia is actually Althea - despite that name, she's in her early 30s, no kids, professional in NYC. She's super-knowledgeable about yarn, into knitting podcasts, active in online knitting forums. She's very comfortable navigating the online world and does a lot of her shopping online. She thinks of herself as part of the handmade movement and thus buys all of her yarn from small indies (like me) or at local yarn shops (instead of the Big Box craft stores). She's proud of this, so she shows off her purchases on her blog. She's concerned about blind consumerism - the more she knows about a product, the better she feels (and the more likely she is to purchase) Her language? More Meg Ryan chatty (but no cursing, at least, online!)


I was half way through reading this when the Account Director on a lux. resort client we have popped into my office. He asked me what questions the client should include in a survey they plan to send to their newly cleaned customer data base. I will send him your post.



Happy birthday, Remarkable! You rock. Thanks for keeping me informed and giving me the occasional genuine chuckle while I try to weave every strand of your brilliance into my web based business.


Sonia Simone

Tara, that is very cool, I think I would like Althea a lot.

James, xoxoxox.

Thanks Suzanne! You have your own brilliance, you've just got to keep walking along your path and it will make itself apparent. Nice to have you here.

Christie @ fig&cherry

Very interesting your comments about who your customers / readers really are. It's easy to get wrapped up in who you want them to be and how you want your product to look / sound, without investigating it thoroughly.

Seamus Anthony

Great post. You're definitely better off 'speaking' to people who you actually naturally do speak the same sub-cultural language as. Don't wanna be like Dad trying to be cool with the teenagers! Never works!

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